PLANET BAR #001 @Urban Spree 06/02

2016/02/01 01:27:36
Sub Human Bros Label
ベルリン , Berlin
Warschauer Straße

PLANET BAR #001 - "Sub Human Bros first album release celebration party"
We start new party it called "PLANET BAR"!!!
We have Techno,House,Disco and more...
@Urban Spree Sat, Feb 6 at 11pm


----- main floor artists -----
Sub Human Bros live (SHB Label,Eintakt Records)
Aananda live (Deep Locus Records)
Baxa djset (YMEA)
Nagumo Vol.01 live (Wild Asian dj team)
motra green djset (Guest DJ from JAPAN)
Daisuke Pak djset (DA DA Revolution Berlin)

--- basement area artists ---
Platinum Pork djset (Get Harmonized)
André Schöne djset
Apollo X djset (Kaiser Wilhelm Records)
Himeee djset (Get Harmonized)

also we'll celebrate!!!
for the release of first album "Sub Human Bros"

---------- about Sub Human Bros ----------
Sub Human Bros reminds a middle school Techno, House music, Detroit Techno, 80’s-90’s Disco sound. Their tracks contains real time compose and arrangement mixing with MPC control, also synthesizer filled emotion with Auto synchronization of real brothers. Hardware Electronic Dance Music duo Sub Human Bros based in Berlin, Germany.

---------- about Aananda ----------
Aananda is a study of beauty and raw power, taking inspiration from electronica and deep house to create new space where dance music moves not only your feet, but your heart as well. The live performance is an exploration of emotion and the present moment through instrumental improvisation and the live electronic manipulation of their original music.

---------- about BAXA ----------
BAXA a.k.a Hwangbaxa is a DJ and producer Based in Seoul and Berlin. As a producer, he is leading the project band, Virgin Lab and preparing to release his own Clubtune album of disco and funk.Inspired by funk, house and disco sound, he expresses 1980’s mood and emotion. Also, His music is characterized by Italo Disco, Rare Funk, RnB, 80s House and Deep House.His goal is to make world more warm and ultimately to transmit his mood to wonderful women.And now, He is leaving journey to connect between Seoul and Berlin.

---------- about Nagumo Vol.01 ----------

---------- about motra green ----------
Hip-hop influenced by the '90s black culture music, musician beyond reggae, the walls of the techno genre, DJ, producer djmotora aka motra green

---------- about Daisuke Pak ---------
Producer / DJ. live performer of techno punk unit “ODD”, has played in clubs and festivals in Germany, France, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech, Poland, USA and Japan.
In 2007, first EP “Kwai Raku EP” launched from V-Records Berlin. Residents DJ on Da Da Revolution Berlin, and organizes events called “Electric Masaru”

---------- about Platinum Pork ----------
Platinum Pork is known as House and Techno music DJ and Producer. He traveled more than 40 countries and was inspired by many kind of music after he finished the master's degree in information technology. Then, he decided to move to Berlin from Tokyo in 2014. He organize his own party "Get Harmonized" in Berlin.

---------- about André Schöne ----------
After more than fifteen years of experience playing electronic bass guitar with bands of several styles of music such as jazz, hip-hop, rock, funk and experimental, André Schöne is now mainly working as a DJ and producer of electronic music. His DJ-sets are dance floor orientated and stretch throughout jackin'Chicago House and Acid to bangin' Techno and trippy Minimal. The vinyl-only sets are everything but mainstream. He always seems to be able to create a certain kind of raw and deep atmosphere.

---------- about Apollo X ----------
Apollo X is a house producer and DJ. His DJ sets bring the good vibes to any club or party. Spanning from deep house and old school jackin house to UK garage and booty dropping tech house, he gets the floor jumping. His 90’s-influenced sets have helped him open for dance pop icons Crystal Waters, Vince Clarke, and Robin S. In 2015 he moved to Berlin from Austin, Texas, to start Kaiser Wilhelm Records, a house music label.

---------- about Himeee ----------
Dyin' to be dancin'∞ Her devout musical philosophy represents way of life.Producing an explosive sonic landscape that fuses the primitive and the futuristic.As if it would seem to sting sweetly with spectrum emotional groove.Seeing the divine universe though her own filter, feeling is everything to her.From Osaka, Japan.

thank you.

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